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Wandering the Streets: Spending A Day In Venice, CA

I know all about the touristy side of Venice. You know, muscle beach and all that? I wanted to set out to see a different side of Venice and I found it! I spent the entire day strolling the streets making new discoveries. I started my morning exploring the "walk streets". They are pedestrian only, and unlike an ally, run along the fronts of the houses. The arts and crafts bungalows are my love.

After my stroll through the walk streets, my stomach told me it was time for breakfast so I walked over to Abbot Kinney. This boulevard is lined with boutique stores, restaurants, coffee shops and the famous Blue Star Donuts.

I decided The Butcher's Daugher would be the perfect spot for breakfast. They are a plant-based, vegetarian restaurant and I was not disappointed.

I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach! I needed to walk that meal off so I made my way to the Venice canals. In 1905 Abbot Kinney wanted to bring a little bit of Italy to America so he designed the canals to resemble Venice, Italy. You won't find the imported Italian gondoliers today, but the walkways and bridges are still there and well worth a stroll.

From the canals, I made my way to Venice Beach. I loved walking the side streets and finding all those arts and crafts bungalows. Have I mentioned they are my love?

Once I reached Venice Beach, the vibe of the day quickly shifted. There is a lot to see and the energy runs high. My first stop was Animal House, a vintage clothes shop. I found an amazing 1970's velour full length coat that was really quite reasonably priced. Conveniently, there is a coffee shop, Menotti's, right next to the clothes shop. I ordered the vegan Spanish latte because I had never heard of a Spanish latte, but they had me at maple syrup and cinnamon.

And if you are one that enjoys a nice bread pudding, head around the corner to Espresso Yo Self.

I took a nice walk on the beach to get my feet in the sand.

Believe it or not, I was hungry again and wanted to check out Rose Cafe, but I had one more stop to make- a bookstore! I can not have a bookstore mere steps away and not make a visit. Small World Books is located on the Venice boardwalk. It can be hard to find since it is attached to Sidewalk Cafe and Bar. If you go, look for the book kitty that lives there.

On my way to Rose Cafe, there was lots to see as I walked the streets.

Rose Cafe is an all day restaurant, bar and bakery with two outdoor patios and a beer garden. The menu focuses on local Southern California cuisine. Since my feet were tired, I took advantage of the beer garden for my meal, a drink in the bar and a tea out on the patio. I didn't want to leave this place!

My day had drawn to an end. I had walked miles and miles exploring all the nuances Venice has to offer. It was a fun day!

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